strong strong [strɒŋ ǁ strɒːŋ] adjective ECONOMICS FINANCE
1. a strong economy or business is financially successful, especially because a lot of money is being earned or received:

• They fear a strong economy will lead to higher inflation.

• products that will help the company maintain a strong cash flow

2. if a financial market is strong, prices in it are rising:

• the recent strong performance by the stock market

3. strong currency/​dollar/​pound etc a currency whose value is high compared with other currencies:

• He blamed the company's poor exports on the strong pound.

4. strong demand/​growth/​sales etc high demand or growth, a high number of sales etc:

• Demand will continue to be strong and to outpace production.

• Prices of some bonds moved up a point after strong buying.

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strong UK US /strɒŋ/ adjective
an activity or industry that is strong is growing and becoming more successful: »

Economic news has been better than expected, with retail sales remaining strong.


Worldwide sales benefited from a strong performance in Europe.


strong demand/growth/trading


a strong economy/market/sector

having or making a lot of money and so in a good financial position: »

Commodity prices have remained extremely strong this year.


The Company maintains a strong financial position, with working capital of $33,500,000.


Several technology stocks are continuing to post strong gains on Nasdaq.


Nearly all leading markets enjoyed a strong performance during April, led by Wall Street.


strong balance sheets/cash flows

having existed for a long time and likely to remain successful: »

While Europe has developed a strong position in mobile communications, substantial barriers still remain.


Owning a strong brand is key to having a successful business.


a strong link/relationship/alliance

used to describe behaviour or opinions that are firm and determined: »

Scientists have been telling us for years that it is essential for us to take strong action on global warming.


Against strong opposition from some CEOs, investors moved to ensure that the roles of chair and CEO were separated.


strong leadership/management

strong commitment/interest/support »

There has been strong support in Congress for the proposals.

MONEY a currency that is strong keeps or increases its value in relation to most other currencies: »

Money experts anticipate the pound will remain strong against the dollar next year.


a strong dollar/euro/pound

-strong — Cf. -strong
be sb's strong point/suit — Cf. be sb's strong suit
a strong chance/possibility — Cf. a strong possibility

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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